Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Three Steps in Helping a Drug Addicted Love One

Get started with helping a drug addicted loved one out of his dilemma by following these effective suggestions. To start you off, below are the first three steps to consider:

==> Ready yourself for the challenge ahead.
From a logical standpoint, it doesn't stand to reason for anyone to help others if he himself is not strong enough to take on the job. By this, you have to empower yourself by attending seminars or gathering information from others who have gone through the same problem, so as to ready yourself spiritually and emotionally.

==> Know the nature of drug addiction by heart.
As a prerequisite to the first step, empowering yourself with ample knowledge about the matter at hand works to help you better approach the situation effectively. Find out as much as you can. The more in-depth your knowledge, the better your chances of coming up with more effective approaches.

==> Never use threats or intimidations.
Threats and intimidations hardly work. Often, instead of listening, most addicts dig in their heels and even go deeper into their addictions. At best, approach him with a warm and caring attitude and use your concern for his welfare to get on his reasonable side.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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