Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Love With A Drug Addict?

drug addiction
Loving a drug addict isn't a bed of roses. Sharing your special someone with drugs is a risky arrangement that could mean botching both of your lives. Here are three points for your serious consideration.

=> Ask yourself this important question: are you willing to put up with this kind of relationship? Setting aside your feelings for a while, evaluate the circumstances from an objective point of view. If your beau couldn't quit his lethal habit, you would have to contend with what little time or kind of treatment would be given to you since his time and attention are divided.

=> If you think your role is invaluable in helping him get a new life, think again. The best person who can help a drug addict is himself. Even if the world around him moves to accommodate his needs, no help would reach him if he refuses to accept it.

=> The best way you can help your beau is to steer clear of drugs. Staying clean is a way of staying strong for his and yours sake. Getting addicted or trying out the habit would only further reinforce the idea that you aren't serious about helping him, let alone loving him.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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