Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping the Love Alive

Although all love stories are full of promises in the beginning, eventual exposure to the realities of life (responsibilities, challenges, other people, personal limitations, emotional/financial issues, etc.) could wear down the shared understanding between two people in love. Without taking concrete measures, the mutual affection that has once brought their hearts together could erode in time. When things get ugly and hatred supplants love, abuse could step into the picture and turn the world upside down for the couple concerned. Below are some important measures to prevent this from happening:

=> Find time to to be with each other.
Whether you are engrossed in watching a movie, baking, or just enjoying the warmth of each other's arms; celebrating your togetherness without discussing any problems or troublesome issues would work to rekindle romance.

=> Do activities you both enjoy.
Learn more about each other by enjoying shared interests, especially in doing activities both of you love. Such activities could vary, depending on your interests.

=> Rekindle your bond by doing new interesting things/activities from time to time.
To keep your interests in each other burning, explore new activities together. This would keep your relationship from getting too monotonous and reaching a lull.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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Momstart said...

What great advice about spending time with your spouse. Made me think tonight is movie night with DH