Thursday, January 28, 2010

Understanding Addiction

Illegal drugs aren't the only substances anyone can get addicted to. Any substance, even those as ordinary as glue and other common household items, can get people hooked provided they are taken intentionally for an extended period of time.

Addiction, in its denotative sense, means losing control over one's use of any given substance, whether it be a drug or a drink. Anyone who's addicted to anything means that he has developed the habit of taking the substance. The level of addiction could affect him either physically, psychologically, or even both.

Physical Addiction

The physical system of a physically addicted person reacts by prompting him to constantly crave the substance. With this, he develops a tolerance for it. Hence, he's required to take more of it every time just to experience its effects. Stopping intake could lead to withdrawal symptoms—adverse physical reactions resulting from the discontinuation of the substance.

Psychological Addiction

When someone is psychologically addicted to a substance, the craving is prompted by his mind or emotions rather than his physical system. The urge to have it can be so strong that the person concerned could be compelled to lie and/or steal just to access the substance.

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Written By Maris Modesto

Inhalants: The Uncommonly Common Danger

If you think dangerous drugs are only those that can be procured through illegal drug pushers on the streets, you are terribly mistaken. Common household cleaning agents and chemicals used for ordinary items also pose a serious health risk. Collectively referred to as inhalants, these substances (present in most cleaning agents, adherents, and other ordinary items) can be found in almost every household. Generally useful, they can turn deadly in an instant when used for any purpose other than what they are intended for. Hence, proper storage and use are imperative so as to keep anyone from inhaling their toxic fumes. Get to know what these common inhalants are by reading the information below:

Gases - medical gases (nitrous oxide, ether, etc.) and common products (propane tanks, butane lighters, and even whipped cream dispensers which are known to have refrigerants and nitrous oxide)

Aerosol Sprays – spray deodorants and hairsprays, spray paints, cooking oil sprays, and static cling sprays

Volatile Solvents – paint removers, paint thinners, gasoline, glue, contact cement, and felt-tip marker fluids

Nitrites – These substances are released into the air when products like deodorizers or certain capsules are sprayed or opened.
- amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and cyclohexyl nitrite

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Written By Maris Modesto

Monday, January 18, 2010

Diet Don'ts You Should Never Forget

Successful weight loss can be accomplished easily if you really put your mind to it. To help ensure it, take note of these important diet don'ts:

--> Don't starve yourself.
Crash dieting only results to water loss. Skipping meals would only leave you hungry and prone to getting sick. The key is to limit your calorie consumption by selecting the right kinds of food in the right amounts.

--> Don't rely on slimming-pills for lasting weight loss results.
Slimming pills should only be taken upon your doctor's indications. They could help you burn fat, but taking them without the right diet and exercise wouldn't suffice to keep the weight off for a long time.

--> Don't drastically change your exercise regimen.
Incorporate changes into your exercise regimen gradually. Making it more strenuous drastically could mean incurring physical injuries. In following the recommended 30 minute exercise (done five times a week), you may divide it evenly throughout the day depending on your lifestyle.

--> Don't be duped by “reduced fat” food labels.
Those labeled “low fat” are reliable. When foods are labeled “reduced fat,” it doesn't always mean low fat. It all depends on how much is taken off from the original fat content.

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Written by: Maris Modesto

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Your Beau Socially Abusive?

When it comes to romantic relationships, the common forms of abuses that would ring out are emotional, physical, and sexual. Especially when your partner is hooked on drugs, he is likely to lose his good sense of judgment when high. Thus, he could behave inappropriately, which could lead him to do any of the aforementioned abuses on you. Besides these, he could also inflict social abuse—subjecting a person to embarrassing or intimidating circumstances—without you realizing it. And this could occur whether he is drugged or not. To orient you on how your beau could socially abuse you, familiarize yourself with its common indications below:

- Spends your money or controls your finances without asking your permission
- Sells any of your personal stuff without your permission
- Either behaves or mentions things that causes others to think poorly of you
- Spies on you by tracking down your private calls or reading your messages
- Humiliates you intentionally before others
- Flirts with other women/men while in your presence
- Does not let you make important decisions or asks for your opinion/approval on important matters
- Prevents you from seeing your friends/family members or getting involved in other activities without him

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Written by: Maris Modesto

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Safe Escape from Life Without Losses

For some people, getting hooked on drugs is the easiest way to escape the harsh realities of life. Whether it be personal frustrations, disappointments, or broken hearts/dreams, all these vanish into nothingness the moment these harmful drugs enter their systems. Little do they know that with each dose, they take a step closer to total lunacy and inevitable physical breakdown.

If you want to take a breather from life, you do not have to resort to drugs. An act of cowardice, drug dependence provides no answer to any of life's problem. On the contrary, it even worsens it. Taking your mind off things does not mean sacrificing yourself. If you feel beaten up and exhausted from your pressures, you can try any of these tried and tested strategies to give you a rewarding mental respite:

- Read an engrossing novel.
- Take a vacation and get some nature therapy by frolicking in a beach or any natural environment of your choice.
- Go out with a friend and do fun activities together (watch a movie, play games, etc.).
- Let it all out by doing something creative (paint, sculpt, write a poem, cook, etc.).
- Pause for a while to say a heartfelt prayer.

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Written by: Maris Modesto

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Social Impact of Drug Addiction

It is above agnosticism that drug-addiction consistently plays calamity with the activity of the aficionado as able-bodied as with the association in which he lives. It not alone boodle all the amusing norms but additionally causes irreparable accident to its victims bearing afterwards generation. No association has anytime been able to alleviate itself from the wounds acquired by biologic addiction on the allotment of its individuals. The best damaging impacts of biologic addiction on a association are as follows.

A biologic absorbed association is acutely attenuated on moral grounds. Biologic addicts never affliction for any moral belief whatsoever. Committing a abomination is their additional attributes and they never feel afraid appear this whenever they are angled aloft acceptable their aficionado of drugs. The devellish appetite to booty drugs steers them to breach all the moral belief and they accomplish their cheapest objectives crushing over all the moral and animal considerations. Such a association consistently charcoal astern and beggarly mentally and spiritually, and its individuals consistently abridgement in the broad-mindedness of advance as they are all the time backward abaft the avant-garde world.

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