Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Breaking Up With An Emotionally Abusive Partner

Sticking with emotionally abusive partners could not only rob you of your self-esteem and respect, but also your life. Though not easy, handle the break-up efficiently by following these tips:

=> Let him take responsibility for himself.
His existence is not hinged on yours. Alert his family members or authorities should he threaten harm (to you or himself), so they could help out as needed. Remember: matters this serious are beyond you. His life is his responsibility and not yours.

=> Be firm with your decision.
Often, such threats of suicide function as a ploy to keep you under his control. Emotionally abusive people, however, do need serious help: psychiatric and spiritual counseling/help. And this is something that you alone couldn't provide. In deciding to severe the relationship, do so abruptly and cut all means of communication you have with him. Not doing so would only give him the opportunity to manipulate you again through his pleadings and threats. If you're afraid he would hurt you or himself, alert his family and the appropriate authorities.

=> Block communication entirely.
To keep him away, block communication entirely. Before formalizing the breakup, make sure you have everything (new numbers, emails, etc.) readied.

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