Monday, June 7, 2010

Sighting Social Abuse in Relationships

When love comes knocking at your door, neither your social status nor personal virtues could make you strong enough to resist its hold on you. And once you yield to it, there is no telling how far you would go just to make your loved one happy.

However, drawing the line between love and respect could be difficult once you reach the height of your affections. Submitting to your partner out of love for him could easily fool you into trading your self-respect, thinking that his persistent intrusion of your personal affairs is a definite sign of his undying love for you. Thus, like many people, you could easily fall prey to social abuse in your relationships without even knowing it.

Social abuse can be done so subtly that it is hard to detect. To keep yourself from going all the way downhill, learn to spot it. How? Read on.

=> He tries to control your actions to the point of using blackmail.
=> He demands checking/ monitoring your calls by checking your cell phone often.
=> He asks his friends to monitor your actions every time he won't be around.
=> He could use your religious or cultural beliefs to control you.

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