Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Child Abuse Myths Debunked

Abusing children doesn't necessarily mean breaking a bone or two bad enough to make them land in a hospital. Neglecting them and ruining their burgeoning self-esteem are just as bad since the scars these leave behind could haunt them for life. Know the truth behind common misconceptions through these facts:

Myth: Abuse is always brutal.
The brutality identified with physical/sexual abuse is only one side of the story. Emotional abuse and neglect are equally deleterious, bearing lasting psychological damages albeit their subtlety.

Myth: Child abuse happens only in bad families.
Bad families that people associate with impoverished families or those with negative cultural practices are not the only culprits behind child abuse. Truth be known: child abuse is a phenomenon that crosses cultural, racial, religious, and social boundaries.

Myth: Bad people are the only ones capable of abusing children.
Referring to abusers as “bad people” is affixing a generalized term that neither identifies nor explains the ruthlessness underlying the act of abuse. Not all abusers are inherently ruthless as to seek children out and abuse them at will. Half the time, they're either abused children themselves or parents who don't know more helpful and/or effective means of parenting.

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