Thursday, June 3, 2010

Child Neglect/Abuse Effects I: Trust and Relationship Issues

Exposure to abuse/neglect, regardless of type, scars a child for the rest of his life. Although these scars could come in the form of bruises or any kind of physical injury, the more deleterious effects lie with emotional scars. The permeating and lasting effects of the latter could seriously jeopardize the concerned child's self-esteem and impair his normal functioning at home, school, or work. Apart from these, however, he would have to contend with serious trust issues manifesting in relationship problems.

The very first people a child should trust are his parents. Developing an inability to trust them means he would also have a hard time trusting others. When the main caregivers—responsible for caring and providing the child with his physical and emotional needs—ruins the most significant relationship with the child, trusting other people can become a big problem. He would no longer find it easy to place his confidence in others, let alone determine which people are worthy of it. Eventually, he could develop a fear of being controlled or abused. Likewise, as an adult, he would have difficulty forming good relationships since he doesn't know what makes a good relationship in the first place.

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