Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Your Beau Socially Abusive?

When it comes to romantic relationships, the common forms of abuses that would ring out are emotional, physical, and sexual. Especially when your partner is hooked on drugs, he is likely to lose his good sense of judgment when high. Thus, he could behave inappropriately, which could lead him to do any of the aforementioned abuses on you. Besides these, he could also inflict social abuse—subjecting a person to embarrassing or intimidating circumstances—without you realizing it. And this could occur whether he is drugged or not. To orient you on how your beau could socially abuse you, familiarize yourself with its common indications below:

- Spends your money or controls your finances without asking your permission
- Sells any of your personal stuff without your permission
- Either behaves or mentions things that causes others to think poorly of you
- Spies on you by tracking down your private calls or reading your messages
- Humiliates you intentionally before others
- Flirts with other women/men while in your presence
- Does not let you make important decisions or asks for your opinion/approval on important matters
- Prevents you from seeing your friends/family members or getting involved in other activities without him

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Written by: Maris Modesto

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