Monday, January 18, 2010

Diet Don'ts You Should Never Forget

Successful weight loss can be accomplished easily if you really put your mind to it. To help ensure it, take note of these important diet don'ts:

--> Don't starve yourself.
Crash dieting only results to water loss. Skipping meals would only leave you hungry and prone to getting sick. The key is to limit your calorie consumption by selecting the right kinds of food in the right amounts.

--> Don't rely on slimming-pills for lasting weight loss results.
Slimming pills should only be taken upon your doctor's indications. They could help you burn fat, but taking them without the right diet and exercise wouldn't suffice to keep the weight off for a long time.

--> Don't drastically change your exercise regimen.
Incorporate changes into your exercise regimen gradually. Making it more strenuous drastically could mean incurring physical injuries. In following the recommended 30 minute exercise (done five times a week), you may divide it evenly throughout the day depending on your lifestyle.

--> Don't be duped by “reduced fat” food labels.
Those labeled “low fat” are reliable. When foods are labeled “reduced fat,” it doesn't always mean low fat. It all depends on how much is taken off from the original fat content.

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Written by: Maris Modesto

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