Thursday, January 28, 2010

Understanding Addiction

Illegal drugs aren't the only substances anyone can get addicted to. Any substance, even those as ordinary as glue and other common household items, can get people hooked provided they are taken intentionally for an extended period of time.

Addiction, in its denotative sense, means losing control over one's use of any given substance, whether it be a drug or a drink. Anyone who's addicted to anything means that he has developed the habit of taking the substance. The level of addiction could affect him either physically, psychologically, or even both.

Physical Addiction

The physical system of a physically addicted person reacts by prompting him to constantly crave the substance. With this, he develops a tolerance for it. Hence, he's required to take more of it every time just to experience its effects. Stopping intake could lead to withdrawal symptoms—adverse physical reactions resulting from the discontinuation of the substance.

Psychological Addiction

When someone is psychologically addicted to a substance, the craving is prompted by his mind or emotions rather than his physical system. The urge to have it can be so strong that the person concerned could be compelled to lie and/or steal just to access the substance.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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