Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Link Connecting Substance Abuse and Mental Health Problems

Most people suffering from mental health issues turn out to be substance addicts as well. Whether their disorder has rendered them incapable of resisting or they turn to it in order to help ease their inner turmoil, the fact remains that either one of them could be considered as a direct stimulus of the other. Get to know how these two are linked by pondering on these pointers:

=> Some sufferers turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to address their underlying depression or anxiety.
Even if both these substances could provide a temporary respite by numbing one's feelings, in time, they would only amplify the accompanying symptoms of the disorder.

=> A person's risk of having mental health problems increases with substance abuse.
Where mental disorders are concerned, the complexity created by the different underlying factor (genetics, environment, etc.) is what makes them challenging to address. Turning to dangerous substances could make it worse.

=> Alcohol and drugs could interact negatively with psychotropic drugs.
These substances and psychottropic drugs are a bad mix. Apart from the fact they they could intensify the symptoms, there's no telling what other trouble could arise since substance addicts are alien to the concept of moderation.

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