Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Addicted To Pain?

The mere mention of the word “pain” is enough to send our imaginations reverting to our psychological comfort zones. Pain, whether physical or emotional, has never been an easy experience for anyone. However, for some reason, there are people who are subconsciously drawn to it. Emotional pain in particular has possessed a mysterious appeal that lured people to want to experience it over and over again—to the point that they have already become addicted to it without knowing it.

People can get hooked on pain in as much the same way that they would be addicted to substances like morphine or heroin. The stress induced by emotional hurt generates unnoticeable changes in the body, making the person dependent on stress-linked chemistry. Pain addicts are usually characterized to have undergone a string of stressful and emotionally battering relationships. Their extended exposure to pain has muddled the lines differentiating love and hurt, that in their mind these two have already become intertwined. One indication of pain addicts is their predilection to fall for the wrong people or stay in tumultuous and emotionally taxing relationships. This means that they have already perceived love and pain as one and the same.

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