Monday, May 10, 2010

Profiling the Emotional Abuser

If you're struggling to understand the nature of your emotionally abusive partner, know that there are good reasons why he turned out to be as such. Hard as it is to understand, especially when he is in the act of manipulating you emotionally and trampling in what little self-esteem you have left, every move he makes is aimed at appeasing a deeply rooted nagging psychological/emotional need borne of his previous experiences.
Below are some vital info that you should know about:

=> Emotionally abusive partners are very controlling of their mates. The kind of jealousy they display is already combined with a near-irrational possessiveness.

=> They have ballistic temperaments that are easily set off by the slightest provocation/upset.

=> Emotional abusers are highly skilled in deceiving themselves, which translates to their penchant for turning the tables on their partners. They do not hold themselves responsible for their actions, regardless of how harmful these are. As is the typical case, they lay the blame on their partners for their wrongdoings.

=> Aside from being self-deceptive, they are also very good in deceiving other people. Their explosive tempers are usually paired with an intense charm, which they often display to others.

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