Friday, March 19, 2010

Characterizing the Teen Drug Dependent

There is no one reason explaining why teenagers fall prey to becoming dangerous drug abusers. The impulsiveness and indomitable nature characterizing most teens could make them reckless decision makers. As such, their lack of consideration for possibilities makes them impressionable, hence, they often fail to realize how deadly drug dependence is until these negative consequences begin to wreak havoc into their young lives:

==> Driving Daredevils

Drivers high on drugs pose lethal threats not only to other people on the road, but also to themselves. The effects of drugs on one's mental abilities—poor judgment and reaction time and impaired motor skills—elucidate the many vehicular accidents caused by drugged drivers.

==> Sexual Recklessness

Since drugs are known to render addicts with impaired judgment, teen drug abusers are prone to sexual recklessness. Manifested through practicing unsafe sex (different sexual partners, using no protection, etc.), doing so leaves them susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

==> Serious physical health concerns

Depending on the kind of drug and their dosages, different kinds of dangerous drugs have different effects on the body. Nevertheless, despite the many variations, all of them adversely attack the physical and mental system, putting the user at risk of many serious health complications.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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