Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spotlight On Cyberbullying

With the many opportunities provided by modern technology, many venues for advancement are afforded. However, the openness that allows this limitless, free exchange of resources and information worldwide also provides a lucrative means for cyberbullies everywhere in blighting the lives of their unsuspecting adolescent browsers. A high-tech way of personal harassment, cyberbullying is an age-old problem that has ridden the waves of modern technological breakthroughs in spreading psychological torment through inflicting ill-will and hatred to its hapless victims.

Any kind of harassment, threats, disparagements, humiliations, etc. done with the use of any modern technological gadget (Internet, IMs, text messages, etc.) falls under cyberbullying. Even posting offensive messages or videos against others is considered as such. What makes cyberbullying more advantageous for the offender is the chance for anonymity provided by most gadgets or programs. Unlike personal bullying, no actual confrontation is needed to hurt the victim.

However, despite the absence of any physical injury, cyberbullying is just as equally effective in dealing harm to the victim. The latter is at risk of suffering from the following adverse consequences: mental stress resulting from being frequently upset or troubled, mood problems, decreased energy levels, sleep, appetite, and eating problems.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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