Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Never the Doormat, Let Alone the Punching Bag

When sweet-nothings turn to insults and electrifying caresses deteriorate to shoving or even hitting, would you still follow your heart blindly? Drawing the line between romantic relationship conflict and abuse can be hard. Never has the “tension of opposites” been working at such a full force as it does when a person is so helplessly in love with someone. And even if the once sweet treatment turns into bitter, violent advances, letting go is always the hardest part, especially if you're still concerned for your partner's feelings/welfare.

At the heart of every abusive relationship, the role of the abused is often traced to a lonely low self-esteemed individual who has unconsciously accepted his role because he thinks himself a no better person deserving of a better partner. Nobody wants to be anyone's doormat or punching bag. However, having poor self-respect and self-perception could turn anyone into a willing victim of relationship abuse without their knowing it. If this typifies you, then it's high time you seek help and start reevaluating your self. Hurtful past experiences have blighted you, but allowing them to control your fate and deprive you of the happiness you deserve is suicide.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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