Monday, March 15, 2010

Help Free Yourself From Relationship Abuse

There is no use putting up with a romantic relationship where one partner maltreats the other. Choosing to be fooled by the delusion of love or allowing oneself to be held back by the fear of being alone would only result to unhappy endings, what more when brutality steps in. The moment your partner turns abusive and violent towards you, the only way to effectively deal with your problem is to find a way out.

Abuse discriminates no one. Regardless of age, gender, or background; anyone can become the victim of abuse. However in romantic relationships, women tend to play the role of the victims more commonly. As is often the case, getting out has never been the easiest recourse for most of them. But once the brutality begins, severing the relationship by seeking help is vital in preserving their self-esteem.

In seeking help, the first step is to find someone—friend, mentor, etc.—whom you can confide in. Approach him by asking if it is alright to discuss something personal. Be up front with him by telling how much you need someone to talk to at this particular moment. Once you have their serious attention, open up.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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