Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Your Child Is Being Bullied

Although common, shrugging your shoulders and not paying attention to your child's bullying problem could lead to regrettable consequences later on. To help your child deal with this problem which is a common form of social abuse, consider these suggestions:

-- > When your child opens up to you about such a problem, listen. Pay attention and assure him of your unfaltering support. Opening up about this problem to a parent isn't easy for your kid. He may think that doing so would only lead to further trouble because he would either disappoint you or you would put the blame on him.

-- > Commend him for his courage to open up about it. Tell him that he's not dealing with this problem alone, and that he has an ally and supporter in you. However, this does not imply you would directly intervene and fight his battles for him. Instead, advice him on the best and most peaceful way he could resolve his dilemma. Together, come up with practical and concrete measures that he can take to address the situation.

-- > If the bullying is serious, you may intervene by trying to talk to the bully's parents or bringing up this matter to his teacher and the school authorities.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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